The Process Episode Four | Solange Rodrigues

Solange Rodrigues is a graduate of SUNY Purchase College, Class of 2020, with a BFA in dance, and a concentration in composition.  

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, she trained at Little Red Dance Studio for 14 years.  At Purchase, she performed in several works and choreographed pieces within the Conservatory of Dance, as well as the Conservatory of Theater Arts.  While teaching at various schools and studios throughout the city of Rochester, she is continuing to make work, and is currently dancing for Frazee Feet Dance under the direction of Zachary Frazee, BioDance under the direction of Missy Pfohl Smith, and is a guest artist for The Pocketfuel Groovers, directed by Nick Alselmo.

Check out her work:
Solange’s Senior Project


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