The Process #21: Margot Lasher – You Already Know What You’re Doing

Margot and Siena discuss what the writing process is really like. How do our brains work while we write? How does the creative process change as we age? Is there any value in adjusting the tone of your writing based on where you’re submitting? This fascinating conversation covers all of that, and so much more. 
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The Process #20: Kijana Crues: How to Find Your Path

Is it possible that the imperfect can be perfect? How do you know you’re on the right path? How do you use your gifts to the fullest? Who is God, anyway? Photographer, musician and magazine CEO Kijana Crues begins to answer these big creative questions and more in this inspiring conversation.  Read More

The Process #19: How to Use Boundaries to Combat Burnout

Siena discusses boundaries: What are boundaries? How do we deal with guilt after disappointing people? How do boundaries help us avoid burnout?
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The Process #18: Sally Louise – How to Create Your Ideal Life

Sally Louise, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, unpacks how to create the life you really want to live, and discusses what it REALLY means to be a freelancer.  Read More

The Process #17: Unpacking Perfectionism

Siena discusses perfectionism, and offers up questions we can use to reflect on our own relationship with perfectionism. Read More

The Process #16: Jaclyn Sanchez: How to Own Your Worth

Grammy-winning sound engineer Jaclyn Sanchez discusses taking care of her mental health as a powerhouse in the music industry, owning her worth, working through grief, and much more.  Read More

The Process #15: How to Make Space for Creative Freedom

Siena and Hanna PK discuss practicing: how do we create habits to get better at something? How do we know what to practice? How do we let go of perfectionism. Read More

The Process Episode Fourteen | Siena Facciolo: How To Answer the Question “Who Are You”?

We have no answers for you. But we have lots of questions! Siena and Sophia discuss what the vision for this podcast is, and why it’s important to keep making it. 

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The Process Episode Thirteen | Cammy Enaharo: How to Let Go of What Other People Think

Episode thirteen of “The Process” w/ Siena.

Rochester-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cammy Enaharo recommends appreciating the things we create, instead of judging ourselves (and our art) harshly.  Read More

The Process Episode Twelve | Nicke Henriksson: The Inevitability of Creativity

Episode twelve of “The Process” w/ Siena.

Swedish chef, musician, and cat dad Nicke discusses creative daily life, recovery from addiction, and why rest is one of your most important creative tools. Read More

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