31) Mary Lupien

In this special episode, I have a conversation with Mary Lupien! Mary is running for Rochester City Council. I am proud to have Mary as the first political activist I’ve had on the show. She is a substitute teacher for the Rochester City School district, a community activist, and all around great gal! Her story is astonishing. I was incredibly impressed with her unbreakable dedication to our community.

Rochester Groovecast is here to promote more than just music. Through this format, I hope to provide a voice to Rochester (and the surrounding regions) as a united whole

Voting is IMPORTANT! This is OUR CITY! I encourage you to listen to this conversation!

Our Primary Election Day is September 12, 2017.

Keep in touch with Mary Lupien!
Here is her home page: www.marylupien.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaryLupienROC/
Personal Facebook: www.facebook.com/marylupien

City of Rochester’s Website: www.cityofrochester.gov
Click here for Rochester City Council Information: www.cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589938361
Monroe County Board of Elections: www2.monroecounty.gov/elections-index.php

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