Month: December 2017

Rochester’s Anthology to Host a Three Night New Year’s Marathon (NYS Music Article)

It should come at no surprise that there is a staggering amount of music roaring into New York the weekend of New Years Eve. Read More

Victor Wooten Trio Speaks without Words at Anthology (NYS Music Article)

A modern jazz club manifested at Anthology Thursday, December 14, welcoming Victor Wooten Trio with Dennis Chambers (drums) and Bob Franceschini (sax). Read More

Interview: Folkmaster Chaz Hearne (NYS Music Article)

Just last month, after a seven-year run in Chicago, Illinois, indie folkmaster Chaz Hearne returned home to Rochester to continue his music career in his hometown.

Read More

Donna the Buffalo Poised to Stampede into Rochester (NYS Music Article)

“I love playing music. I love playing the fiddle…I love to sing. I never thought too much about it. I never wondered why I play music. I’ve just always done it. Read More

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