Kevleb: “I have had the chance to work with the Rochester Groovecast for my album release. During the COVID confinement, it was a great relief to be able to share my music on this platform. Ben suggested a few strategies to widen my audience and make the content accessible on social media. It felt productive and well prepared and allowed me to share my vision in an ideal setting. It is great to have the Groovecast support the local scene.”

Charlie Lindner of The Pickle Mafia: “Rochester Groovecast does an excellent job at building awareness for our brand! Using interactive multimedia we were able to obtain new customers and engage with them directly.”

Jonathan Broida of Hollowell: “Ben Albert’s Rochester Groovecast provides local musicians and artists with a much-needed platform to promote their creative endeavors. The Rochester Groovecast is the perfect podcast to listen to on your daily commute. It is both entertaining and informative.
Ben was a gracious host and you could tell he was genuinely interested in learning more about our band’s music and creative process. He gives local musicians a much-needed voice and we are thankful to be a part of it.”

Adrien “Low Tones” D’Angelo: “Ben speaks eloquently about the ins and outs of the local music scene with a great perspective. His input and ability to show these artists in their true form is immaculate.”

Collin Jones of Galaxy Diamond Records“Ben is a very easy and personable person to talk to. From the times I have done interviews with him, he is engaged, genuinely curious, and relaxed. He keeps the conversation flowing at ease and asks the right questions. Ben is also a very creative businessman. He is constantly brainstorming ideas to stay fresh and keep people on board in the ever-changing landscape being presented to us these days. Overall, Ben has great energy and is a hard-working individual who genuinely wants to make things happen no matter how it needs to get done.”

Amanda Ashley of The Amanda Ashley Trio, Afternoon Cocktail: “Ben is an amazing host and a true asset to the Rochester Music Community. His love, dedication, and support of creativity is beyond apparent in his broadcast. He is a genuine soul, and that truly comes across in his interviews.”

Siena: “Ben Albert at Rochester Groovecast is ambitious, kind, and community-oriented. He truly cares about the Rochester community and actively lifts up voices that add value and strength to our culture. Most of all, he cares about music and the people that create it. He’s the guy to go to if you’re looking for someone who understands both music AND business, creating AND marketing. He knows the right questions to ask you to dig deeper into what your brand is and who you are as a musician. I’m grateful to know Ben as a human and grateful to have had the opportunity to be on his Rochester Groovecast podcast, which makes me proud to live and work in Rochester.”

Head To The Roots: “Not only is Ben Albert a real natural at hosting and interviewing on Groovecast, he’s also stoking the fires of the Rochester Music Community. He is providing connection between artists and community. Easy to talk to, warm and welcoming, Ben is a valuable player here in the ROC! I appreciate what he has built, and to have been a part of it!”

Marco “The Italian Drummer” Cirigliano: Ben is one of the most solid dudes I know. Very reliable and trustworthy, and he gets the job done right every time. 

Saint Free: “I love performing events and shows that Ben and Roc Groovecast put together!”

Pete Mason of PhanArt: “As a guest on Rochester Groovecast, I had a conversation with Ben that flowed with ease and allowed for deep discussion on a variety of topics. Thoughtful questions from Ben made this a wonderful experience. 10/10 would be a guest again!”

Luke Cornwell of Multibird, Solo: “It was a pleasure and an honor to be included on Ben’s awesome podcast. We had a really chill and insightful conversation, with plenty of space to explore numerous topics while keeping it real. Ben is a real pro when it comes to running a show, and I realized while we were setting up for my episode just how much room for improvement I personally have in my own streaming setup! I would really love to see Roc Groovecast continue to grow and develop. I hope to be on again someday!”

Sean Greif of The Capitals:
 Had an excellent time on the podcast. Ben asks very good and provocative questions that keeps the conversation alive.”

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