123) Where the &$@# have I been!!!!????

In this episode, Ben answers the question, “where the &$@# have you been!?”


In addition, Rochester Groovecast is so excited to introduce our new podcast: “The Process” with Siena. Listen to honest conversations between artists that reveal the strength, challenges, purpose, vulnerability and, the joy of living a creative life.

Siena. Is a creative human – a musician, artist, and teacher. She’s here because she has Big Questions. How do we build a creative life? What keeps us going? What does our daily process tell us about ourselves? How can we learn from each other? The past two years have been incredibly challenging for all of us, and this uncertain time calls for a fresh look at the creative process. Siena will hold space for our grief, resilience, and desire to add our voices to the constantly evolving fabric of humanity.

Stay tuned for the first-ever episode of “The Process” on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022!


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