51) A Windy Chat With Jim Donovan of Sun King Warriors and Rusted Root at The Great Blue Heron Music Festival

I jumped at the bit when I received confirmation to speak with the great Jim Donovan of Rusted Root, and his mastermind project, the Sun King Warriors. On a windy festival evening, Jim and I chatted about music creation, teaching, passion, and his growth and story as a professional musician. Not everything was always pretty for Jim and this conversation really touches on some of the peaks and valleys in the life of a traveling musician.

This episode was recorded live at The Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Sherman, NY.

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00:00: Oolalala by Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors
03:45: Episode Introduction
06:00: Conversation With Jim Donovan
29:20: Episode Conclusion
31:30: Blend Into It by Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors

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