53) A Virtual Hangout with Adrien D’Angelo

Episode 53 of the Rochester Groovecast Podcast was recorded live with Adrien D’angelo, with a virtual audience on Zoom!

COVID-19 has put a damper on our spring. We are forced to socially distance ourselves causing us to abstain from the one thing we love the most… live music!
Would you rather give up on music entirely, build up a staring at the wall habit, and eat until you’re sick…
Or spend these extra hours developing new habits, hobbies, and ways to keep music at the forefront of your life!?
Continue to support local musicians?

Rochester Groovecast is looking to do just that. We are bringing back the podcast with a completely new, innovative, fun, live, interactive format!

Adrien “Low Tones” is the bass master in numerous local projects, from Ragechill & Friends, Darb Jansen, Eli Flynn and the Everyman, to local legends Subsoil, and more!
Adrien is also one of Rochester’s very best sound engineers. Regularly working with Three Heads Brewing, Sterling Stage Kampitheater, and anywhere else he is needed.
He was our very special guest for this episode!

Check out a live clip of Adrien playing “Marauder”!


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