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94) Cody Webster

In episode 94, Cody Webster and I go “Joe Rogan” style and simply talk about whatever we feel like. We had a ton of fun. Cody is the drummer in various local groups: Axis Armada, Guy Smiley, and Keys and Co. Read More

93) Carly Jane Underwood

In episode 93, I hang out with Carly Jane Underwood. Carly Jane is a musician, photographer, and owner of Third Eye Catcher. This was an enjoyable chat! Read More

75) Pete Griffith

Episode 75 of the podcast is a raw conversation with Pete Griffith!

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73) Teagan Ward

Episode 73 of the podcast is a lovely discussion with Teagan Ward of Teagan and The Tweeds.

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72) Scott Calpin

Episode 72 of the podcast showcases an intimate discussion on small business, music, the quarantine, and everything else with Scott Calpin!

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68) Kevleb

Episode 68 of the podcast is a unique dialogue with Kevin L’ambassadeur, better known by his new project: Kevleb.

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67) Local Comedian Roundtable: Luc Thiers, Sara Shipley, Dario Joseph, & Andy Kuhn

Episode 67 of the podcast is a unique roundtable of four hilarious comedians from Rochester, NY.

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66) Kids In The Basement

Episode 66 of the podcast is a super fun chat with B-Free, Stephen, and Ric of Rochester’s Kids In The Basement.

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65) Head To The Roots

Episode 65 of the podcast highlights Anthony Siciliano of Head To The Roots.

64) Dylan Savage and Wil McKenna

Episode 64 of the podcast highlights Dylan Savage of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, The Medicinals, and Will McKenna of RootsCollider, and The Medicinals as well! Read More

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