23) Upstate Boogie Preview

In this episode, we hear from a collection of musicians who will be displayed at The Upstate Boogie Music Festival at Eddy Ridge Farm!

Here is a link to the event page: www.facebook.com/events/331475720585886/
Artists displayed on the show:
AFTER FUNK: www.afterfunk.ca
(Live at One Wicked Boogie)- Rochestergroovecast – Afterfunkonewickedboogie
PERSONAL BLEND: www.facebook.com/PersonalBlend/
TYLER WESTCOTT: www.facebook.com/Tylerwestcottmusic/(Episode 6)Rochestergroovecast – 6-tyler-westscott
DR SLOTHCLAW: www.facebook.com/slothclaw/
A KOSHER SNACK: www.facebook.com/akoshersnack/
DAPPER DAN: www.facebook.com/DapperDanMusic/
VANISHING SUN: www.facebook.com/VanishingSunBand/
FIRE WHEEL: www.facebook.com/Fire-Wheel-149724391715131/
APPALACHIAN GYPSY TRIBE: www.facebook.com/appalaciangypsytrib
Upstate Boogie Schedule:
2:30pm – Astro Collective
4:30pm – Acid Raindance
7pm – Annie in the Water
8:30pm – Tim Braley
9:30pm – Personal Blend
11pm – Kyle Perkins
12am – Pine Fever

11am – Richie Colf
12pm – Dapper Dan
1:30pm – Brian Koehler
2:30pm – AGT
4pm – Danny Mills
5pm – Dr Slothclaw
6:30pm – Casey Bloom
7:30pm – Stephen Lewis and the BIG Band of Fun
9pm – Tyler Westcott
10pm – After Funk
12am – Arthur Buezo

10am Aaron Austin
11:30am James Ford
1pm Vanishing Sun
3pm Firewheel

00:00: After Funk- Medley Live at One Wicked Boogie
22:35: Episode Introduction
26:04: Personal Blend- No Crime
29:54: Personal Blend- Live Up In Zion
35:16: Tyler Westcott- Taking Marijuana Blues
38:15: Tyler Westcott- Angels and Demons
41:05: Dr. Slothclaw- Spaghetti Man
48:25: Dr. Slothclaw- Mama Get
54:55: A Kosher Snack- Back Seat Of My Car
59:07: Dapper Dan- Funky Ancient Smoke
1:06:25: Dapper Dan- Fire Inside
1:11:37: Vanishing Sun- I O
1:15:49: Vanishing Sun- Theia
1:24:40: Fire Wheel- Hurts Me Too
1:27:48: Fire Wheel- “Loser” by The Grateful Dead
1:34:44: Episode Closing
1:37:08: Appalachian Gypsy Tribe- Medley Live at One Wicked Boogie

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