Interview: Folkmaster Chaz Hearne (NYS Music Article)

Just last month, after a seven-year run in Chicago, Illinois, indie folkmaster Chaz Hearne returned home to Rochester to continue his music career in his hometown.

(Originally Published on NYSMusic.com)
Hearne is a folk musician that enjoys the roots but is not shy to cross genres and experiment. Although banjo is his primary axe, Hearne is a multi-instrumentalist that performs everything from finger picked acoustic tunes to all-out rock anthems on banjo, guitar, piano, and violin, adding layered vocal harmonies. Regardless of the tune, Hearne performs with passion, honesty, and fragility.

Ben Albert of NYS Music was humbled to sit down and converse with Chaz Hearne about his experience in Chicago, the message behind his conceptual songwriting, and his new politically critical concept album, Rise of Voluminous.  The conversation was recorded in collaboration with Rochester Groovecast and released as a Rochester Groovecast podcast episode.  Take a peek below and click the play button to listen to the episode.  Scroll farther below to find a timestamp of the show.

00:17: Chaz Hearne- Fun in 82
05:12: Episode Intro
07:19: Interview Part One
14:11: Chaz Hearne- Spicy in The Dim Halls
17:15: Interview Part Two
39:29: Closing Comments
41:21: Raw Performance by Chaz Hearne

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