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Episode One Hundred

Episode 100 is a montage of all the incredible answers to my favorite question…

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Quotes by featured guests… in no particular order…but this is the order they are featured on the episode!

Dave Chisholm- Episode 98:

“I would probably have it say in big letters, understand that other people’s pain is the same as your pain.”


Ellen Pieroni- Episode 97:

“Support Local!”


Siena- Episode 58:

“It’s okay to be human.”


Adrien D’Angelo- Episode 53:



Ben Stephanus- Episode 88:

“You can love your way out of anything.” 


Mitch Gruber- Episode 62:

“Make the healthy choice the easy choice.”


Ben Chilbert- Episode 54:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.” 


Carly Jane Underwood- Episode 93:

“Stay true to yourself and enjoy the process.”


Katie and Lenny of Turkey Blaster Omega- Episode 76:


“I probably would be something related to the band, If I had that option…”


“I’d probably not use it for what it’s intended for. I would probably use it to make one person laugh.. It would be a joke for one person, or maybe three or four… It would be a picture of a marine biologist from New Zealand named Steve O’Shea, and he’d be making this crazy exasperated face, and it would just say  ((OOOOOh)).”


Dave of Stuart Bedasso Radio- Episode 97:

“Without giving me much time to have drafts and a focus group and stuff… We’re all just trying to get through this life.” 


Nettie of The Enlightened Studio- Episode 81:

“We’re all in this together. We’re all equal. We are all one. We all love each other… Let’s start living.”


Zahyia Rolle- Episode 71:

“Love Black people as much as you love Black culture.”

“So powerful, is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”


Sara Shipley from The Local Comedian Roundtable- Episode 67:

“Everybody poops.”


Hollowell the band- Episode 69:

“Sex robots.” 

“The truth is out there.”

“I would say happy wife happy life.” 

“We can do it.”


Luke Cornwell- Episode 86:

“I would write to be sharp. But, like, written like B#, like the sharp sign.”


Matt Rammerman- Episode 82:

When you are content to be, simply yourself, and don’t compare or compete. Everyone respects you. Lao Tzu”


Charlie Lindner- Episode 63:

“Be kind… please be kind to each other.”


Eli Flynn- Episode 59:

“Be easy.” 


The Archive Ravens- Episode 83: 

  • Listen to this in full!


Kevleb- Episode 68:

“So I would feel very uncomfortable putting myself on a billboard or putting some of my words on a billboard…Summarising ideas, a country, or culture… I don’t think it’s possible.”


Sam Kaiser- Episode 61:

“…I would love to have evidence of climate change…like a glacier melting…”

“Know what you’re afraid of.”


Marco Cirigliano- Episode 70”

“Spread love.”

“If you want it, go out and get it. It’s already yours.”


Sean Chimento- Episode 95:

“Be considerate. Be real. Fuck the haters.”


Scott Calpin- Episode 72:

“Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open.” – Frank Zappa


Pete Mason- Episode 90:

“For right now in September of 2020. If we’re doing this right now, I’d probably just put up: arrest the cops who shot Brianna Taylor… And put their names up there.”


Sean Grief- Episode 89:

“I would urge everybody to; find the common humanity amongst ourselves the best we can. And I would leave it at that.” 


Alex Vine- Episode 80:

“Observe, think for yourself, and enjoy your life.”


Collin Jones- Episode 56:

Keep going… don’t sweat the small stuff… just keep going.”


Cody Webster- Episode 94:

“You can’t soar with the eagles if you flock with turkeys.” 


Ray Mahar- Episode 77:

“Give me a sausage egg and cheese, every day for the rest of my life, and I’ll be happy.” 


Pete Griffith- Episode 75:

I think it would be one of those hologram ones with a guy dancing and say…let’s wiggle.

Because I think if we all wiggle together and start dancing together, we’ll be lal in time, we’ll be in harmony, peace.”


Head To The Roots- Episode 65:

“Remember to play.”


Dylan and Wil of The Medicinals- Episode 64:

Dylan: “Wake of up and live” – Bob Marley.

Wil: “We’re going to get through.”


Kara Fink- Episode 85:

“I don’t know. A year ago, this would have been so much easier to answer but right now with the phase of life that I’m in, I’m like, I just want to hear fewer voices. Because there are so many voices coming from every angle. So if I had a billboard, it would probably either just say something like, take a second to breathe, turn off your phone, or it would just be blank because I just don’t want to be another voice.”


Teagan Ward- Episode 71:

“I’m a really big rescue dog person… maybe there would be something to that degree.”

“I also travel a lot, so maybe I would put something up about seeing the world”


EMDR- Episode 91:

“Look for the helpers in scary situations” -Mr. Rogers

“Water is life.”


Sage Xavier- Episode 55:

“Drink more water.”


Kids In The Basement- Episode 66:

Ric: “Two girls and big, big cans with me in the middle, just like… with KITB on it too” – Always Sunny reference

Stevie: “Be kind to everybody. Have fun. Make friends,”

Brad: “Knowledge is power.”


Ragechill Kroft- Episode 78:

“I’m just so perturbed by everything that’s going on in this country that literally all I can think of when you said that right now is Avatar’s Kyoshi… and that quote ‘only justice will bring peace’.”


Evil Bubble Productions- Episode 92:

The very selfish answer is”


“The note is only 10%. The attitude of the guy who plays it is 90% (with an image of Miles Davis.”


Amanda Ashley- Episode 84:

“One love…spread good energy…respect each other… be mindful of what we’re all going through.”


Avis Reese- Episode 87:

“ If you lead with compassion everything else will figure itself out.”


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