Blue Heron 2019: Live Band Gallery

Ax expected, The Great Blue Heron Music Festival of Sherman, NY rocked our worlds.  Check out this extensive photo gallery of the event!  Only a large handful of the musicians are showcased, but, I hope you saw the rest yourselves!  We hope to see more next year! Read More

Massive Itinerary: The 29th Annual Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance

The 29th Annual Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance has arrived. Read More

Eargasm: Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance 2019 is Here! *Full Playlist*

Who is ready for the 29th annual Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in Trumansberg, NY!? Read More

The Great Blue Heron Music Festival: A Deep Dive

The Great Blue Heron Music Festival begins this Friday, July 5th and runs through Sunday July 7th in Sherman, NY. Read More


Disc Jam Music Festival 2019 was AMAZING this year.  During Disc Jam, I rolled out Rochester Groovecast’s newest venture, “A Psychedelic Twist.”

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Disc Jam 2019 Has Arrived!

We’ve made it to June! Disc Jam Music Festival is about to glide into Stephentown, NY this Thursday June 6th-9th!

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The Lilac Festival and More Events This May

AS ALWAYS, Rochester Groovecast’s has released our top shows in Rochester this May! What’s on your itinerary? Who are you most excited to see at The Rochester International Lilac Festival? What should we add?
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FOLKFACES FEST: A Fall Folk Festival To Close The Year

This upcoming Thursday October 11th marks the beginning of the official FOLKFACES FEST at The Cherry Hill Campground in Darien Center, NY.

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EXCITING NEW UPDATE: Sax God Sam Kininger to Join MC3 THIS WEEKEND at Fall Down

I swear, one finale Fall Down announcement…we had no clue this was coming…

I love rolling out of bed to learn of something exciting, unique, and BRAND NEW!

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BREAKING NEWS: Exciting New Changes to The Fall Down Music Festival Lineup

Hey Dude After Hours has JUST announced a brand new lineup change to The Fall Down Music Festival  this September 28-30th in Hannibal, NY.

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