Disc Jam 2019: A Visual Recap

Let’s keep it simple; Disc Jam was incredible.  If you know me, it’s not really in my style to write an expansive, complex, or mind-bending review.  I’m more the kind of guy who says, “listen; just trust me!”  This is officially one of those times.  If I could talk you into creating a time traveling device to give it another shot, go back in time and attend Disc Jam 2019, we would be there again right now.  Anyone know a mad scientist?

All kidding aside, I highly recommend Disc Jam to all music fans for years to come.  Each and every year the lineup strengthens, and each and every year more people attend. You probably are the only one who didn’t this year!  And if you did, well, I’m preaching to the choir!

I am not a professional videographer.  I was having a lot of fun.  I didn’t realize I was having sound issues in some of my video recordings.  And I didn’t know exactly how everything would come out. I apologize for these errors.

This said, I snagged some super cool videos.  You can really capture much of the vibe peeping the vids below. Please do!  You’ll find a playlist with 11 vids, including music by West End Blend, Roots Collider, Formula 5, Funky Dawgs Brass Band, and more.

I also rolled out a new endeavor called a Psychedelic Twist.  Check out some photos of that new creative below along with some other live shots.

Enjoy; I will see you all next year Disc Jam Fam!




A Psychedelic Twist

Ripe at Disc Jam



a few more photos…



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