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74) At The End Of The Day: Isolation and Mental Health

Does anyone else weirdly feel like their mental health has benefitted from isolation?

Let’s go back six months…
My health is declining.
I’m burning out.
I’m making mistakes.
And don’t feel all that fulfilled. 

It’s the heart of winter.
I’m working overtime hours.
I’ve been neglecting most of my hobbies.
I’m trying to find time to read.
I’m trying to find time to exercise.
I’m trying to find time to write.
All while refusing to reduce my social life.

Sound familiar?
Wouldn’t you agree that keeping busy is good, but not at the expense of burning out?

The last embers were extinguished.
I lost my job.
The nation moved into a quarantine-style life.
Social distancing.
Ultimately, a ton of unrest and uncertainty as to the severity of it all.
We all felt worried as to what comes next. 

I can’t help but feel a bit guilty when others chat about how difficult the quarantine has been.
This wasn’t, And it isn’t easy. And some people have been affected much more significantly than others.
I’ve been fortunate.

I rebooted my podcast, The Rochester Groovecast Podcast. It had been over a year since my hiatus.
Since then, I’ve uncovered so much more about my community and opened doors to new opportunities to build it. And through this, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of modern technologies and how to utilize them to better connect.
I built a website from scratch. I’d never actually done this alone before. And you’ll see the release VERY SOON.
I developed a rigorous morning routine. Chug a Glass of Water>Reading>Writing>Affirmations>Visualization>Meditation>Morning Excercise>Morning Gratitude.
I’ve deepened my appreciation for my friends and family.
I feel less pressure that I NEED to hang out with friends. I’ve been able to keep in touch just fine, and my real in-person interactions have felt more valuable to me.
I can sleep in. But I don’t.
I’m eating healthier (most of the time!)
Most importantly, I deepened my connection to nature. I’ve never spent more time hiking.
I’m just getting started with a new way of life that I truly cherish.
Not to mention, the six feet rule doesn’t hurt, either. I like the extra personal space.

Doesn’t this just seem way better? I wish it could last forever…
I understand. This isn’t everyone’s reality. I’ve been fortunate. I’m not here to boast or brag.
I do want to assert. Shedding the skin of an old reality and building a new one was powerful for me.
Ever since I was a child, I’ve either studied or worked.
25 years later, I’ve been asked not to work.
I needed to spend some genuine time with myself.
And I’ve grown to appreciate the time away from what the world tells me to do.
I understand this lifestyle is unrealistic. And I’m eager to get back into the workforce!

Work and growth.
If I were to tell you the two can be married, would you believe me?
Work and growth can go hand and hand.
I’ve found I want to be fulfilled with the kind of work that partners my lifestyle. And with the growth of technology and mobile communications, it’s way more accessible than ever.
It just takes a few simple changes to better balance career choices and a lavish lifestyle. They aren’t mutually exclusive.
It all starts with asking the right questions…
And looking for the answers…

At the end of the day, our perception defines our reality. I am lucky to have found this isolation to benefit my mental health. 
I see our future as far brighter than the days of our already shining past.
I hope some others have had a similar experience.
Deepest support to everyone and their families and friends who are struggling…I’m always here for support.

Love ya’ll,


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