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“We’re Fans First!” We genuinely believe that the best businesses are built by fans. Rochester Groovecast is deeply dedicated to playing an active role in the culture of it's local scene. Indeed, we are a business, however, 'We’re Fans First'!

What We Do

Rochester Groovecast helps hungry local businesses, musicians, venues, event promoters, artists, and entrepreneurs gain media momentum even if they are struggling or new to the scene. Rochester Groovecast has developed multiple systems to help the people of Rochester flourish with just a few pivots. As an artist, you’re here to create….we handle the rest.

Our Vision

Rochester Groovecast believes in the artistic brilliance abundant in Rochester, NY and the surrounding region. We seek to play a pivotal role in our community by helping give Rochester a well-earned voice. We have seen first hand the abundance of talent, character, creativity, innovation, and beauty this city has continuously offered. Let’s help make Rochester the new Austin TX, Chicago IL, New Orleans LA, or Nashville TN.

What Do We Offer You?

Services Offered for Local Businesses, Venues, Events, Musicians, Artists, and Entrepreneurs include but are not limited to:

  • Consultations (Business, Music, Blogging, Beginning Media...ect)
  • Event Management or Brand Ambassadorship
  • Promotion (Social Media, Podcasting, Networking, Street Team, Advertising, Journalism, Photo, Video, Audio, Copywriting…)
  • Professional Hype-Work ;p (Basically, we will be your own personal “hype-man.” We will create momentum live at events...Dancing...Networking...Promoting)
  • Talent Scouting or Booking

Who Am I?

My name is Ben Albert. I am the Owner and CEO of Rochester Groovecast. Here, check out this picture of me "air-guitaring" at a local festival in Sterling, NY. Clearly, I'm a bit of a dork. I’ve been an active participant in the local scene since 2007. Beginning in 2016, I created Rochester Groovecast to serve as a portfolio of our city. I collaborate with local talent to better our city one step at a time.

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