IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: LAST CHANCE to Grab Tickets to G3 in Rochester

World-famous guitar legend, Joe Satriani is bringing internationally renowned concert tour G3 to the Auditorium Theater in Rochester, NY, on February 20th. Accompanied by axe-wizards John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Phil Collen (Def Leppard), G3 has all of the region’s anticipation brewing. Now is the last chance to purchase advance tickets at as low as $39 right here.

In 1996, the first ever G3 tour exploded through North America as Joe Satriani recruited guitar gods Steve Vai and Eric Johnson to accompany him on a month long tour as “G3.” The concept was simple, Satriani “Satch” each year would select two worthy guitar virtuosos to accompany him for a guitar-driven sound explosion designed for dedicated fans, guitar-nerds, and any music lover alike. Since then, Satch has built an eclectic resume of G3 lineups including John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Paul Gilbert of Racer X, Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Al Di Meola, and many more special guests in addition to a top notch rotating house band of notable talent.

This year, Satch recruited John Petrucci to make his seventh G3 tour, and a surprising choice, Phil Collen of Def Leppard. Phil Collen’s has played a pivotal role in the great success of Def Leppard since he joined in 1982, although deeply respected, compared to many on the list above, Collen has been lesser recognized as a heavy-hitter in the world of guitar. Satch however had the opportunity to jam with Collen at his latest G4 Experience conference in California, and was greatly impressed commenting that Collen’s was “extroadinary and “underrated.” Rochester Groovecast is looking forward to seeing Collen’s shine beyond his role in Def Leppard. And it goes without saying, Satch and Perrucci, as always, will woo, excite, mesmerize, and impress.

The structure of the concert is very simple. Satch, Petrucci, and Collen will each play a single compact set of their own tunes, jumping to the forefront of the stage their unique guitar virtuosity. After all three wizards complete their solo sets, the great three will come together to improvise to  three or four classic rock hits in an epic closing jam session. We are looking forward to this guitar-lovers paradise of sound. See you there.

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