92) Evil Bubble Productions

In episode 92, I chat with Kyle, Oliver, and Jordan of Evil Bubble Productions. We unravel everything Evil Bubble, which is a collective of musicians from Western New York with a shared goal and vision of pushing the boundaries of sound and genre into new and unexplored territories. We also listen to bunch of tracks! Read More

91) Julia Egan of EMDR

In episode 91, Julia of EMDR strips away the layers of struggle, domestic abuse, and music’s ability to stimulate change and healing. Read More

90) Pete Mason

In episode 90, I learn about entrepreneurship with Pete Mason, founder of Phanart and Nysmusic.com! Read More

89) Sean Greif of The Capitals

In episode 89, I had the pleasure of a raw conversation with Sean Greif of The Capitals, more to come! Read More

88) Ben Stephanus of The Branch Davidians

In episode 88, I had an interesting dialogue with Ben Stephanus of The Branch Davidians. Read More

87) Avis Reese

In episode 87, I had the humbling opportunity to chat with Avis Reese of Danielle Ponder’s Band. Read More

86) Luke Cornwell

In episode 86, I get existential with Luke Cornwell and chat about his new 30 days/30 songs album “Sweaters In Coffee…” AND MORE! Read More

85) Kara Fink

In episode 85, I get to know the prolific singer/songwriter Kara Fink Read More

84) Amanda Ashley

In episode 84, I keep it real with Afternoon Cocktail Host Amanda Ashley, Amanda is also is a talented singer/songwriter/diva in the Rochester community. Enjoy and listen for a very special guest… Read More

83) The Archive Ravens

In episode 83, I peel back the onion of music and songwriting with Ava Sauer and Thomas Andolsek of The Archive Ravens. Read More

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