87) Avis Reese

In episode 87, I had the humbling opportunity to chat with Avis Reese of Danielle Ponder’s Band. Read More

86) Luke Cornwell

In episode 86, I get existential with Luke Cornwell and chat about his new 30 days/30 songs album “Sweaters In Coffee…” AND MORE! Read More

85) Kara Fink

In episode 85, I get to know the prolific singer/songwriter Kara Fink Read More

84) Amanda Ashley

In episode 84, I keep it real with Afternoon Cocktail Host Amanda Ashley, Amanda is also is a talented singer/songwriter/diva in the Rochester community. Enjoy and listen for a very special guest… Read More

83) The Archive Ravens

In episode 83, I peel back the onion of music and songwriting with Ava Sauer and Thomas Andolsek of The Archive Ravens. Read More

82) Matt Ramerman of The Green Room

Episode 82 dives in recording, engineering, live performance, streaming, and every aspect of music w/ Matt Ramerman of The Green Room! Read More

81) Jeanette Cargill of The Enlightened Studio

Episode 81 of the podcast is all about Freelance Art and Passion with Jeanette Cargill of The Enlightened Studio Read More

80) Alex Vine

Episode 80 of the podcast is a Rochester music chat with Alex Vine. Read More

79) At The End Of The Day: We All Get High

My thoughts on drinking alcohol and getting high… Read More

78) Rachel “Ragechill” Kroft

Episode 78 of the podcast is a fun hang with Rachel “Ragechill” Kroft Read More

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